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Summer School 2017


Payments and Forms must be brought to JCHS Main Office (91-980 North Rd.   Ewa Beach, HI 96706


Registration Period:     March 27, 2017 – May 5, 2017                                                      






James Campbell High School ---- 2017 Summer School Session Information


Summer School 2017 will be in session June 5, 2017 through July 10, 2017 daily (M-F) from 8:00am to 1:30pm.

(June 12, 2017 (Kamehameha Day) and July 4, 2017 (Independence Day) are holidays.


Summer Session enrollment requirements:

  • 3 forms: (1) Registration Form (2) Payment Form with Payment, and (3) Emergency/Attendance Form completed
  • Forms & payment turned in at the JCHS Administration office (Room A-1) between March 27 and May 5. A receipt will be issued upon payment.


A student will NOT be registered for the course if:

  • The forms are incomplete;
  • Payment is not included.


Applications received will be processed and registered on a space available basis. You will be notified if your registration is denied.


The following courses will be offered (subject to enrollment requirements). Courses will be cancelled if not enough students enroll.


*Grad Point:(see school counselor for subject assignment)   NOTE: Biology is not offered.


SEMESTER COURSES – ½ CREDIT (12 days each course):

5 hours daily, 12 days: June 5 – 21, 2017   OR   June 22 – July 10, 2017

1) 1st semester: Advanced Guidance (TCG1104)……………….. 2nd Semester: Health Today and Tomorrow (HLE1000)

2) 1st semester: Health Today and Tomorrow (HLE1000)………2nd semester: Advanced Guidance (TCG1104)

3) Grad Point courses (see counselor for course availability & for signature, required for credit recovery purposes)              

4) 1st Semester PE Life Fit (incoming 9th graders) (PEP1005)….. 2nd Semester PE Life Act (incoming 9th graders) (PEP1010)                                                      (note: successful completion of both courses fulfills the PE 1 credit graduation requirement)  

5) 1st semester; Participation in Democracy (CGU1100)……….2nd Semester; Modern Hawaiian History (CHR1100)                                                                  


YEAR COURSES – 1 CREDIT (24 days):   5 hours daily, 24 days:   June 5–July 10, 2017

6) Grad Point Courses (need counselor’s signature, see counselors for available courses)                    

7) Algebra 1 (MAX1155)   (Incoming grade 9 students who have NOT yet taken Algebra 1 yet and present JCHS students who need the Algebra 1

   Credit. Requirement: your counselor’s signature or your math teacher’s signature is required.)   May be taken for acceleration purposes.

8) Geometry (MGX1150)   Geometry is open only to JCHS students who have passed Algebra 1. Requirement: counselor’s signature or math teacher’s signature. May be taken for acceleration purposes.

9) English 9 (LCY1010)  Open to students needing a grade 9 ELA credit.

10) English 10 (LCY2010) Open to students needing a grade 10 ELA credit.

11) Earth Science (SEH2003)   Open to students needing a Science elective credit, incoming 9th graders and present 9th graders

12) Integrated Science (SAH2003)   Summer Bridge AVID class (Incoming grade 9 students who want a science credit)

13) World History and Cultures (CHU!!00)


Registration and Subject Fees:

Registration fee for one credit (2) semester courses or year course - 24 days session….………$190.00        

Registration fee for one-half credit (1) semester course - 12 days session…….….…$ 95.00

Tuition Assistance: For students who qualify, tuition assistance may be obtained through Alu Like, Kamehameha Schools. Website: Forms will be available beginning April 3.


REFUNDS: Students may voluntarily withdraw from summer school upon submitting a written parental consent form and returning all books and equipment. Students will be charged until the day clearance of withdrawal is obtained. Failure to notify the school of withdrawal will result in an “F” appearing on the student’s transcript.


Refund schedule:

100% refund: withdraw no less than 3 days prior to 1st day of instruction

50% refund: withdraw 1-2 days prior to 1st day of instruction

25% refund: withdraw before 5th day of instruction

No refund after day 5 of instruction


Refund checks must be picked up in the Administration office after notification by the school. We will not mail refund checks.


Refunds will NOT be made for the following:

  1. When a student is dismissed from summer school for ANY Chapter 19 Class A or B violations
  2. When a student is dismissed from summer school for 2 or more Chapter 19 C or D violations
  3. When a student is dismissed from summer school for attendance and or excessive tardiness.



  1. MAKE-UP (credit recovery): Student may make-up credit(s) failed during the regular school year. Enrollment in courses for make-up credit must be signed by the student’s counselor or current content area teacher.
  2. ACCELERATION: Acceleration may be defined as progress through an education program at rates faster or at ages younger than is conventional. Students may take a course during the summer to allow time during the regular school year for another elective.
  3. EXPOSURE AND/OR INTRODUCTION: Student may audit courses to familiarize them with the content of the subject matter before enrolling for credit during the regular school year (space permitting).





One day of summer school is equivalent to ONE WEEK of regular school. Students are required to spend a minimum of 120 instructional hours in class in order to earn one credit, 60 instructional hours in class for one-half credit.

  1. Students with two absences for the 1/2 credit class (12 day session) SHALL BE DISSMISSED FROM SUMMER SCHOOL
  2. Students with three absences for the 1 credit class (24 day session) SHALL BE DISMISSED FROM SUMMER SCHOOL.
  3. Students leaving during the school day (8:00am – 1:30pm) for medical, dental or personal appointments (i.e. job interviews, road test for licensing) will be marked absent (see attendance policy). All appointments should be planned after the school day.



  1. Students with 6 tardies for the 1/2 credit class (12 day session) SHALL BE DISSMISSED FROM SUMMER SCHOOL
  2. Students with 12 tardies for the 1 credit class (24 day session) SHALL BE DISMISSED FROM SUMMER SCHOOL.
  3. Any tardy greater than 15 minutes will result in the student being marked absent. No exceptions.



  1. A student who commits a Chapter 19 class A or class B offense shall be dismissed from summer school. Regardless of when the student is dismissed, there will be no refund of tuition.
  2. A student who commits two of any Chapter 19 class C or class D offenses will receive a warning for the first offense and may be released from summer school for the second offense


OFF- LIMITS AREAS: To ensure the safety and well being of all students enrolled in summer school, the following

areas have been established as off-limit areas:

-All areas where construction may be happening.

-All parking lots.

-All stairwells, areas surrounding portable classroom buildings, cafeteria, stadium, gym, and buildings

not used during summer school.

-All areas designated as off-limits during the regular school year.

GRADES: Report cards will be mailed by August 1 to students who provide self-addressed stamped envelope before the end of the summer session. A Progress Report to parents of students who are in danger of failing will be sent home/emailed after the first six days for the twelve-day sessions and after twelve days of the 24-day session. Follow-up contact will be made by the teacher. Additional requests should be made by parents through the summer school director.

  1. There are NO extensions for ½ credit or 1 credit classes.

CREDIT/NO CREDIT: All courses are eligible for regular high school credit. If a credit has already been earned for a course, no credit will be given; however, the grade earned may be computed for a higher GPA. A decision to take a course for credit or no credit should be decided prior to June 12, 2017. When making up credits failed during the regular school year, students are responsible for registering for the appropriate courses for the following school year.


Please call 305-3656 if you have any questions. Summer School Office hours a