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School Profile

James Campbell High School in Ewa Beach serves seven rural and two military communities in that area. The school includes 11 major buildings and an athletic complex on 38 acres. It offers comprehensive programs in vocational, technical, academic and special education. The student population is ethnically diverse and includes Filipinos, Caucasians, part-Hawaiians, Japanese, Hispanics, Indo-Chinese, Samoans, and African-Americans. James Campbell High School was accredited in 2011 by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges for a period of six years with a mid-term review.
The school developed Small Learning Communities: 9th Grade Talent Development Success Academy, 10th Grade Academy, Business and Health Services, Arts and Communications, Industrial Engineering and Technology, Public and Human Services and Natural Resources. The 4X4 block schedule supports the small learning communities and allows for students to receive remediation as well as acceleration; thereby, allowing students to receive dual high school and college credits. Students performing below reading and math grade levels have a double dose of language and math courses with targeted teaching strategies. Tutorial sessions are provided after school and during the school day and on Saturdays in the Credit Club. Twilight School is offered after school for those who choose to enter an afternoon and early evening program. The Navy JROTC Program is an award-winning, nationally recognized program and ranks in the top one-third in the nation. Additionally, students excel in technology networking, such as CISCO, A+, CAD, and media communications, e.g. broadcast journalism, photojournalism, computer graphics and animation. An advisor/advisee program and a Transition Center foster personalization through a comprehensive guidance program. In SY 2005-2006, the school became an AVID Demonstration site. In SY 2015-2016, the school became an AVID Site of Distinction which places us in the top 1% of of AVID schools world wide.
An electronic Portfolio is being piloted by the Business and Health Services. All teachers use Tech Path for curriculum mapping.
Through an extensive staff development plan, the school personnel is aware of and attentive to research and standards. In their strides to become a professional learning community, they use school and performance data as the basis of their collaborative analysis of how to help students achieve and reach their potential. They link results to practice to inform instruction. Well trained teachers are at the heart of the literacy success for students. Teachers demonstrate and model best practices. Through the 4X4 block schedule, teachers receive training, model how lessons can be taught, observe each other teaching, analyze data, link best practices, and are given time to collaborate one period daily. Staff development sessions is embedded in the work day. The community is invited to its complex Community Forum, where input is encouraged on developing school and community pride.
The former principal was the 2005 National Principal of the Year, sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.