Congratulations to our April Staff of the Month Ashley Tanaka, our Health Aide and Faculty Staff of the Month Mark Buelow, Science teacher and Wrestling Coach. 

Happy New Year 2014!

Dear Parents and Friends of James Campbell High School,

We welcome in the New Year and the 2nd Term of the 2013-12 school year. Time flies when you’re having fun!

We are preparing for the events and activities that fill this term and anticipating them with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. These social activities are undoubtedly meaningful to many students. However, the first priority for students is that they fulfill their academic responsibilities by maintaining good grades and progress toward graduation.

There are the proms and banquets to look forward to and these rites of passage are reminders that one of the reasons for our existence is to provide these social opportunities. Our students enjoy the dinner, the dancing and games and a reason to dress up. The events are student-planned and executed and we insist that everyone complies with school policy and rules. Our students always come through with shining colors and participate with enthusiasm and good behavior.

The second semester also will see the effort by the Administration and Staff to enforce our School Community Council's mandate to continue the Dress Top Policy and School Dress Code BOE Policy 4410.). We have planned a system of encouragement and consequences to persuade students to comply with school rules of attire. We count on parents to support the dress top policy because this practice speaks to the deeper issues of material values, equity, perceptions and safety.

Please be aware of the many tests that are state mandated, totaling more than 10 during the upcoming months for the different grade levels and programs in which your child is participating. We ask that you help your child(ren) to do the best she/he can by giving them moral support, a positive attitude and sustenance to perform optimally.

    Grades 9-11, ACT, March 4th
    Grades 9 and 10---Reading Test (TeenBiz), Jan and April
    Grade 10---HSA, Round 1, Nov-Jan; Round 2, March-April
    Grade 11---Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium Test (SBAC), Feb-March
    Expository Writing Students--- End of Course Test, March
    World History Students--- End of Course, April
    Algebra 1 Students--- End of Course Test, May
    Algebra 2 Students--- End of Course Test, May
    Biology Students--- End of Course, May
    AP Students--- May
    IB Students---May

We face many, many different situations in a normal day at Campbell. We learn from each occurrence and try to continually improve. We also make it a point to keep you informed and aware of issues, especially as it concerns your child(ren.) Please work together with us to ensure the best interest of all our students and to afford them a good experience at Campbell High School.

Reminder: We ask that you tell your child(ren) that they are not allowed to loiter in the Park across Campbell in lieu of attending classes. And contrary to what some people have accused the school of doing, we do not allow our students to go to the park during school hours. Nor do we allow them to do activities that are inappropriate, illegal and unacceptable. We have our hands full with structuring and controlling the 5 ½ acres that comprise our campus, so it would be folly for us to be responsible for the park. Parents and Guardians, please let your child(ren) know that the park is off limits to them during school hours. Thank you for your support.

Naomi Takamori, Principal

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2014 Summer School Registration
Date: 4/16/2014
Location: Drop completed forms and payments to Administration Office in Saber Hall 213
2014 Summer School Registration
Date: 4/17/2014
Location: Drop completed forms and payments to Administration Office in Saber Hall 213
Good Friday Holiday: School Closed.
Date: 4/18/2014
2014 Summer School Registration
Date: 4/21/2014
Location: Drop completed forms and payments to Administration Office in Saber Hall 213
2014 Summer School Registration
Date: 4/22/2014
Location: Drop completed forms and payments to Administration Office in Saber Hall 213
2014 Summer School Registration
Date: 4/23/2014
Location: Drop completed forms and payments to Administration Office in Saber Hall 213
2014 Summer School Registration
Date: 4/24/2014
Location: Drop completed forms and payments to Administration Office in Saber Hall 213

Graduation Cap and Gown Distribution - Thurs. 4/10
Cap & Gown pick up will be during period 1 on Thursday, April 10. You will be coming down to the cafeteria with your period 1 teacher. If you do not have a period 1, then you can pick up your cap & gown in S102 during lunch or after school ONLY.

Thursday, April 10 (8:00am - 9:22am)
- 8:20 — Buildings: J, P20-24
- 8:30 — Buildings: M, N, Weight room
- 8:40 — Buildings: D, PE classes, P1-19
- 8:50 — Buildings: Saber Hall, K
- 9:00 — Buildings: G, O
2014 JCHS Summer School Information and Registration Forms are now available.
Registration begins on April 1 and ends on April 30. Read the information and download the necessary forms. Submit completed forms with payment starting from April 1. Limited courses are being offered so register early. Tuition assistance is available for qualified students.

Senior Class of 2014 PIzza Hut fundraiser coming April 2nd.
Download claim check!
Senior Prom Bid Sales Extended
SENIORS: We WILL be extending prom sales for 3 days (or until we run out of seats), starting on Mon 3/31. You can pick up forms as soon as we return from break. 25 cents, S102.
FAFSA One-on-One with UH West Oahu -
The last FAFSA session date will be on April 02, 2014 from 6:00pm - 8:00 pm. If you still have questions or have not completed the FAFSA yet, it is advised that you attend if possible. Sign up at the Career College Center to get more information! Space is limited!
Senior Prom Attendees
Attending prom? If you purchased your ticket PRIOR TO March 11, 2014, you need to return to S102 to verify your table sign-up. Sorry for asking you to come back, but we appreciate your understanding as Ms. Quisano and Dr. Jones step in as class advisors.
Senior Prom bids now sold in S102
Attention Seniors: Seniors prom bids will be on sale from 03/11 in S-102 during lunch and after school. As always you must be in dress top and have your school I.D.
Senior Agreements for Graduation Due March 12
Graduates 2014: Senior Agreements (Contracts) are due on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 in Saber Hall second floor service window. If you miss the deadline, you will need to write an appeal letter to Assistant Principal Mr. Kenessey. Appeals must explain why you missed the deadline and why he should accept your agreement. Remember: A signed contract must be on file in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.
Alfred Lagaso, composer and writer of school alma mater is resting in peace.
From Nolan Santa Ana, JCHS Alumnus:

Message to ALL Alumni of James Campbell High School ... This morning, Monday March 10th, at about 8:15AM, my former Band & Music teacher, and my biggest influence and inspiration, Mr. Alfred Lagaso, passed away from blood Cancer. Mr. Lagaso spent his entire education career at ONE SCHOOL, JCHS! He was the ORIGINAL Music & Band teacher at Campbell HS starting when the school first opened in 1962! In 1975 he became the school's Student Activities Coordinator, a position he held until his retirement in the 1990's. Mr. Al Lagaso will always be remembered every time the Campbell High School's Alma Mater is sung, for he is credited as the song's composer. The Lagaso family will be working with the JCHS Alumni & Community Foundation to establish a scholarship in his name at the school. I write this with very heavy heart, and now as I continue on with my music teaching career, I will pay homage to him for all he did for me to show me the LOVE of MUSIC. Please SHARE this with all your Campbell Alumni FRIENDS and CLASSMATES. Aloha and GOD BLESS! ns <><
Freshmen-Sophomores Banquet Reminders - March 8, 2014
Attention Freshmen and Sophomores attending FSB on Saturday, March 8, 2014! Please pay attention to the following:
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